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Big Poppa & Gauntlet Series Bottle Release

July 27, 2019 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


We’re excited to release this year’s batch of Big Poppa, alongside our latest bottle bundle, the Gauntlet Series.

The Beers

Big Poppa
Two (2) 750ml Bottle Limit Per Wristband/Person
$25.00 (plus sales tax / cash or credit)
A big, creamy, and luscious Imperial Stout conditioned on Coconut flakes, Vanilla bean, and Coffee brewed in collaboration with our friends Derek Gallanosa from Moksa Brewing, Jayson Pizarro from LIFExLLAB, and the team from Mostra Coffee.

Gauntlet Series Bundle
One (1) Bundle Limit Per Wristband/Person Consisting of seven (7) 500ml Bottles
$170.00 (plus sales tax / cash or credit)
A project that started over two years ago has finally come to fruition. This limited series features our base Russian Imperial Stout that has been aged in 6 different types of oak barrels and then a blend of all barrels combined. No adjuncts. Just the beer, the wood, the spirit, and time. The idea of this project was to allow the barrel and the beer speak for themselves. You see, each distillery uses its own blend of oak and its own level of charring, leading to distinct differences in the sorts of flavors that we can derive from their used barrels. This is what we wanted. We wanted these unique flavor characteristics to be the stars of the show and not the addition of any adjuncts like coconut, chocolate, etc. Back in 2016, we started a journey in search of some of the best barrels from some of the best distilleries we could source and fortunately with the help of our good friend, fellow comic book aficionado, and CEO of Liquid Integrity, Nahem Simon, we acquired some exciting barrels to experiment with.

Gauntlet Bottle Bundle

Orange Stone Gauntlet Series: RIS aged in Copper & Kings Bourbon barrels.
Green Stone Gauntlet Series: RIS aged in Belle Meade Bourbon barrels.
Blue Stone Gauntlet Series: RIS aged in Peerless Rye Whisky barrels.
Yellow Stone Gauntlet Series: RIS aged in Joseph Magnus Bourbon barrels.
Red Stone Gauntlet Series: RIS aged in One Eight Bourbon barrels.
Purple Stone Gauntlet Series: RIS aged in 27 Year Willett Bourbon barrels.
Infinity Gauntlet: A blend of all the Gauntlet Stone beers, this Russian Imperial Stout was aged in Bourbon, Brandy, and Rye Whiskey barrels.


We will be releasing wristbands the week leading up to the bottle release via the brewery taproom between the hours of 12PM-9PM starting on Monday, July 22nd. There are less than 400 wristbands available and will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis. Wristbands are TWO PER PERSON maximum and are for FULL ALLOTMENTS ONLY. Patrons MUST present matching physical valid State ID (21+) to redeem a full allotment wristband.⁣ This means if you have acquired a wristband you MUST purchase a full allotment, which equals to two (2) bottles of Big Poppa and one (1) full Gauntlet Series bundle which consists of seven (7) bottles, for a total of nine (9) bottles. If you do not want a full allotment you DO NOT receive a wristband.

Full Allotment Bottle Pick-Up

Saturday, July 27th, 10AM-12PM. Patrons MUST present the same matching physical valid State ID that was provided when obtaining your wristband. No wristband, no allotments.⁣ If Full Allotment bottles aren’t picked up and paid for by July 27th at 12PM, all bottles are forfeited back to the brewery.⁣

Non-Wristbanded Patrons⁣⠀

Starting at 12PM Saturday, July 27th, the remaining bottles will go on sale to all patrons without a wristband. The bottle limits remain the same, two (2) bottles of Big Poppa and one (1) Gunatlet Series Bundle consisting of 7 bottles. There will still be bottles available for non-wristbanded patrons, but they’re not guaranteed at this point.

Taproom Hours

Our brewery taproom will be closing at 3:00PM to transition from our Bottle Release into our Homebrew Competition that starts at 4:00PM.
All sales are final. No refunds. No exchanges.