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Drain the Swamp Cookout

August 18, 2019 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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We’re taking it back to the old school pep rally days and BBQing up some gator! Is it ridiculous? Yes. Is it going to be amazing? Absolutely. We got one of the best in the game, Mr. Karl Hayden, better known as El Bearded Chef from Hate Monday’s Tavern, to create and serve a gator themed menu for us. He’ll be cooking up fresh-made gator tacos, gator sandwiches, smoked gator, ribs, and pulled pork as non-gator options with some classic BBQ sides to go with.

The Brewmasters at J. Wakefield have created a special Drain The Swamp New England style IPA featuring artwork from our upcoming opening game tee and will be bringing out a DJ to keep the party going all day long. And last but not least, we’ll have a pop-up shop slinging some essential items for the big game in Orlando. Your ticket grants you entry to the event, one beer, a plate of food, and a Dyme Lyfe U Turnover Chain.

Don’t miss out on the pep rally of the year and let’s turn it up before we start the season 1-0!


4Pk Can Release & Availability

The event itself is RSVP only by the purchased Eventbrite ticket and closed to the general public. The can release takes place within the event. Any cans leftover by the end of the event day will be available to the general public Monday, August 19th at the taproom opening hour.


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